The full interactive results of the third and second edition of the Migrant Integration Policy Index are incorporated into this website and the ‘Play with the data’ tool. All the raw data is also available to download below.

NEW: Download the Australia and Japan country results as a PDF.

To download the MIPEX introductory leaflet, click here.

The summary overview of the MIPEX III results is also available to read online or download as a PDF in English and German.

The MIPEX III results for Belgium (in French and Dutch) Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia - Estonia - Lithuania (in Latvian), the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland (in French and Italian) are also available to download as PDFs in their respective languages.

On the archives page you can also download the previous publications of the first and second editions of the Migrant Integration Policy Index.

MIPEX III unabridged

Index Integration und Migration III - MIPEX III 2011 unabridged auf Deutsch

MIPEX raw data
(2007 & 2010)

Download all the scores for all indicators.

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Questionnaire comments
(2007 & 2010)

Download extra comments from the country experts and MPG desk research.


Public perceptions

Download public perceptions on migrant integration in Europe.

MIPEX Indicators

Download the full list of indicators which comprise the Index.



MIPEX III abridged translations

Below you can read or download the abridged versions of the third edition of the Migrant Integration Policy Index results for Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Portugal, and Spain, in their respective languages.

Suomi - Finland


Deutschland - Germany




Polska - Poland


España - Spain

 Canada - en français

Belgique - en français

België -  in het Nederlands


Česká republika

Suisse - en français

Svizzera - en italiano

Latvija, Igaunija, Lietuva - latviešu valodā